These are the Highest Paying Jobs in America

Geoffrey Algar


The United States has a large amount of high paying jobs but it is not always easy to get there, competition is often fierce in these markets and areas. It will come as not shock to many that some of the best paying jobs available at the moment are in technology and healthcare. Healthcare costs are huge and so are the salaries that go along with them.

It must be noted however that although these jobs do have a very high pay rate, many of them require extensive amounts of education and experience.

Currently the highest overall average salary in the United States is for Physicians, to enter this job you must complete a 4 year undergraduate program, 4 years at a medical school and often up to 8 years as an intern or resident. The payoff for this job however is incredible; Physicians on average will look to make around $200,000 a year base salary. Even students who are completing residencies can expect to get a very decent salary. The salary is amazing, but the cost of most medical degrees is now approaching $300,000.

Second on our list of highest paying jobs in the United States is another healthcare provider, a dentist. The average salary for a dentist is around $164,570. Like the Physician a dentist can expect to spend longer and more money in education than the average person but again will expect a greater payoff once it is completed. Even some of the lowest paid dentists in the country can expect to be making around $72, 240.

Next is the first business related position, Marketing Manager, a marketing manager will look for consumer trends in their given market and create plans to promote or sell their products. Most marketing managers in the United States can expect to earn six figure salaries; this is justified by the potential increase in sales their marketing pitches might bring. Marketing managers can earn an average of $133,700.

The first real technological position on the highest paid jobs is IT Manager, this person will oversee all computer related activities of a firm and coordinate programs, strategies and software related to technology and computer personal. IT managers earned on average $132,570.

Lawyers also make it into the top 5, the pay of a lawyer can vary greatly depending on your location however on average they can expect to make upwards of $131,990 per year. It is well known that lawyers will justify these paychecks with a huge amount of time and effort.