2016 Top Paying Jobs In Europe

Eric Darby


Here’s the 2016 list of top paying jobs in Europe. Most positions require extensive education and experience but pay off handsomely after years of hard work.

1. Doctors and Surgeons
After 12 years in school and residency, doctors and surgeons see earnings of over $200,000 annually. General practitioners can expect to earn $175,000, with specialists like dermatologists and obstetricians topping $225,000.

2. Mechanical Engineers and Petroleum Engineers
Engineers in any technical such as gas and oil or scientific field average approximately $85,000 a year. Biochemical engineers with geological, hydrological and mechanical disciplines command up to $125,000.

3. Information System Managers
Managing software development, code technicians, security designers and network engineers are an Information System Manager’s responsibility. Experienced managers with an MBA have an annual salary of nearly $150,000.

4. Sciences Manager
Top tier managers overseeing subordinates in disciplines such as chemistry, biology and aerospace can expect to have annual earnings topping $130,000. Many years of experience, with an advanced degree propel managers to this level and salary.

6. Software Developers
Designing software configurations, developers can expect a salary approaching $90,000. The rise to this level includes coding experience, technical support, interface design and installation applications.

5. Information Security Experts
Looking to combat the havoc that hackers create, information security experts salary starts around $75,000. Years of experience can lead to salaries towards $125,000. They are involved with the implementation of intrusion software, real-time network monitoring, database fortification and anything involving system vulnerability and attacks.

6.Engineering Management
With mid-level engineering managers earning $75,000, top-level managers can expect annual earnings approaching $140,00. The more experience, job diversity, degrees, and certifications support a six-figure income.

7.Dentists and Orthodontists
A sector that has high demand, dentists and orthodontists can expect salaries upwards of $200,000. Specialization in dental surgery and adult orthodontics came boast annual income towards $250,000. The population will always have a need for orthodontics and dental services, from early childhood until retirement.

8.Physical and Occupational Therapists
As the population ages, demand for therapists will continue to rise. Individuals suffering from cardiovascular diseases, broken bones and those afflicted with a stroke will need rehabilitation therapy. Earnings for this sector are near $70,000.