7 Things Can Sell In A Coronavirus Economy

Justice Foster


A lot of people are now working reduced hours, or worse, have been let go from their jobs due to the pandemic. Many people, especially those who don’t have an emergency fund, are struggling to make ends meet. That’s why there are plenty of people out there who are looking for opportunities to augment their income.


Interested in becoming a seller yourself? Here are 7 things that can sell in a Coronavirus economy!

1. Face masks

It goes without saying that face masks are some of the fastest-selling items right now. Regardless if it’s the surgical variety or the cloth variety, you can make some good money selling face masks. Just make sure not to charge too much for these items – we are in the middle of a pandemic, after all.

2. Personal necessities

Personal necessities like toiletries and skincare items are in high demand right now, mostly because people are staying at home so much. The best thing about these items is that they aren’t very hard to sell, since everyone uses them anyway. If you’re a beginner seller, face masks and personal necessities can be the easiest items for you to sell online.

3. Home and kitchen items

Did you know that the sale of ovens and baking necessities are at an all-time high? Everyone  now wants to learn how to bake and to cook, now that we’re all stuck at home. You can earn good money by selling much-needed home and kitchen items to interested customers.

4. Computers and gadgets

Plenty of businesses have shifted to a work-from-home setup, which is why so many people are now upgrading their computers and laptops and buying new phones and tablets. You can sell anything from laptop units to computer peripherals. If you can build computers yourself, you can also offer this as a service.

5. Home gyms

Depending on where you live, many gyms now are operating at half-capacity to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Not to mention, a lot of people would rather not risk going to the gym right now. That’s why personal treadmills, ellipticals, cycling bikes, dumbbells, and other gym equipment have been selling like hotcakes recently.

6. Home-cooked food

Since many people are forgoing restaurant dates, the need for home-cooked food is also increasing. If you’re a great cook, you can easily offer this service to people around your neighborhood.

7. Sleepwear

Due to work-from-home setups and community-wide lockdowns, more and more people have been increasingly staying at home. You know that meme about people wearing blazer and underwear for video calls with their bosses? Well, it’s no longer just a meme now. Sales for pajamas, nighties, underwear, and house slippers have been increasing due to the pandemic as well!