6 Side Hustles You Can Do While Working From Home

Justice Foster



There’s still no end in sight for the COVID-19 pandemic, and with the US unemployment rate reaching record-high levels, it’s no surprise that many people are turning to side hustles in order to earn more money during the health crisis.


If you’re also interested in getting a side hustle or two to augment your current income, here’s our list of 6 side hustles you can do while working from home!

1. Content creation

There are many different kinds of content that you can do online to earn money while staying safe inside your own home. Some people are finding their niche with content writing, which involves writing various types of articles, such as blogs, listicles, and guides. Others are doing video content, typically informative or entertaining videos for sites like YouTube.


Content writing is usually a freelance type of gig that gets paid by the word count, but it really depends on your specific set-up with your client. For YouTube, meanwhile, the amount of money you can earn mainly depends on how many views your videos can get.

2. Streaming

If you’re a gamer, a musician, a motivational speaker, a fitness coach, or anyone that can be watched by an audience, you might also want to try out streaming. Unlike regular video content, streaming is completely live. There are many people who prefer watching streamers to vloggers because they can interact with their viewers in real-time.


One of the most popular streaming sites out there is Twitch. Signing up is easy and you can earn money from subscribers, advertisements, or from viewer tips, called bits.

3. Online teaching

Due to social distancing regulations in place, most traditional brick-and-mortar schools have been closed down. This, in addition to the fact that many people are finding themselves with a lot more free time than before, is the reason why online classes have been spiking again recently.


If you’ve got teaching credentials, you can find a job online teaching certain subjects. If you’re a native English speaker, there are also plenty of opportunities online to teach English to ESL students, regardless if you have certifications or not.

4. Web building

Since the pandemic made it difficult for traditional businesses to remain open, many are starting to rely on a strong online presence and delivery services in order to keep their brand afloat. That’s why the demand for web developers has been increasing in the last few months.


If you know how to build a website from scratch, you can definitely pick up several of these gigs while working from home to help augment your income. Experienced web developers can earn over $100 per hour on a single assignment alone.

5. App development

Aside from websites, many businesses nowadays are also starting their own mobile applications to keep up with market demand.


App development involves knowledge of coding, software engineering, and at times, even design. If you don’t have the technical knowledge, you can also apply to become a quality assurance (QA) tester for new apps that are yet to be released.

6. COVID-19 specific tasks

Lastly, there are also many COVID-19 specific tasks that have been popping up lately. These side hustles all involve the COVID-19 pandemic. Some are looking for writers to cover COVID-19 stories. Others are looking for video editors to create videos about the COVID-19 crisis. There are also those who are looking for developers who can create COVID-19 trackers or COVID-19 charts to embed to their websites.


In conclusion, there are many gigs out there right now for those who are trying to hustle on the side while working from home. You just have to know where to look.