People Who Spend Money On Experiences Instead Of Things Are Much Happier

Eric Darby


Amassing a tremendous amount of belongings might seem like a desirable goal. If you earn a lot of money and use your discretionary income to purchase things, you have a lot of show for it. Well, you have a lot to put on display and probably even more that is put away in the closets, garage, storage bins, or, for that matter, eventually sold on eBay.

Buying things really has its limitations. People are far better served in putting investments into experiences since things done in life do bring forth so many outstanding rewards.

The process of traveling to a store and buying a nice painting, a flatscreen television, and new furniture. You also gain a sense of pride in owning such things. In the end, the feelings you experience are fleeting. The whole process of buying has to begin again in order to duplicate the experience. Would it not be better to do something that had a much more extensive and impacting effect? Investing in experiences is the better plan.

Imagine booking a one-week trip to Egypt on an archaeological tour. Think of all the sights you see and the unique things learned. Nothing you could buy could ever duplicate the ability to travel to such wonderful parts of the world and absorb the history and culture of the land.

You do not even have to travel to a distant locale to experience the same or similar feelings. Signing up for tennis, fencing, or martial arts lessons in your local neighborhood could provide a valuable learning experience. The same could be said of a fishing trip or a trip to the local art gallery. Imagine a weekend scuba diving trip and all the amazing things to view down in the deep blue sea. The point here is you want to be active and do things.

All experiences can be deemed learning experiences. Some might say you can learn from reading or watching educational programming. To a degree, this is true. Nothing tops the learning experience of actually doing something. There are many ways being „in the here and now“ helps you learn. Why not make the investment in yourself by taking part in numerous activities?

Ultimately, experiences are an investment. You are investing in self-improvement and self-knowledge. Since the process involves being active, you can have a lot of fun achieving these results. Consider that a better strategy that buying a „ton of stuff“ at a retail store.