15 Websites to Earn More Money

Justice Foster


When looking for finance and budgeting apps and sites, always keep safety in mind. Look for apps that have bank-level security and password protection.

A real-time budgeting app that automatically tracks users‘ spending and categorizes expenses into categories. It’s one of the most used budgeting apps on the market.

Uses a digital version of the „envelope budgeting method.“ Users create „envelopes“ for each category and pre-determine how much to allocate to each envelope.

This expense tracking app allows users to scan receipts and it will automatically input details of the purchases.

Automatically scans users‘ incomes and spending patterns and transfers small amounts of savings that it deems the user won’t necessarily need to a separate savings account. Users can withdraw from the savings account at any time, but it doesn’t accrue interest.

Level Money
This app automatically calculates income and recurring bills then suggests daily, weekly, and monthly spending. It also suggests the amount users should be saving every month and subtracts that from the monthly budget.

Another „envelope budgeting“ app. This app will capture transactions, or the user can manually input cash transactions.

Homebudget with Sync
Users use this app to set up a budget, then can sync it with multiple devices. It’s a great app for family sharing and budgeting.

Will send push notifications if a bill is due. Also displays account balances from the users‘ bank, credit cards, Groupon, or travel rewards programs.

Is great for business travelers. Users keep a photo log of receipts from their trips. If a business trip is taken using a car instead of a plane, there’s even a field to input mileage and time spent on the road.

This less in-depth app allows users to see where the majority of their budget goes as it groups expenses into larger buckets. This helps users see what they spend the most of their money on, rather than feel overwhelmed with a lot of categories.

Will let users pay bills from their phone, either manually or through scheduled automatic payments

Will detect recurring payments, like bills. This app organizes all the users‘ information onto a calendar so users know what’s coming up. It lets users see their income and bills for the month to see how much extra they have for the month.

This app allows users to upload bank statements or files. It will automatically tag personal transactions, and users can customize their tag organization.

You Need A Budget
This app does require a desktop version, but it is mobile compatible too. It lets users input transactions on the go.

This website allows users to see their net worth, analyze their financial portfolio, and plan for the future which includes a free 401(k) analyzer.